When Things Don't Quite Go To Plan

To say it’s been one of those weeks would be an understatement.

My training has suffered, my patience has been tested and my emotions have been all over the place but it would have been a whole lot worse if I didn’t try and learn something from it.


After a week off I was looking forward to going back to work refreshed but that didn’t happen. I was planning on repeating last Friday’s solo bike ride on Sunday but I was so exhausted I instead opted for a reintroduction into the strength session I had been neglecting which highlighted that my core is hideously weak (slapped wrists for not keeping up with the strengthening sessions that I always bang on at everyone else to do). I did, however, feel like that was the right choice over the bike ride.

The week then began as intended with my revised hours and an early recovery turbo session on Monday morning before work. Although it was only an easy session, I was keen to complete this one feeling more positive than last Saturday’s turbo session. It was my first double turbo session but I still struggled more than I would have liked. It was the first session where we worked progressively through the gears, which was really useful, but I was pretty disheartened at how much I struggled with this and had to either not progress when instructed or drop down the gears when it became too hard.

Monday, however, was completely different. This was mainly because I had by then discovered that my turbo was on the second highest resistance so after adjusting this down to the lowest and having a quick go at the gear selection I failed at previously, I was relieved to find I could actually do it and I’m not as pathetic as I initially thought! I then happily proceeded with a nice easy session just spinning the legs followed by some stretches.

Tuesday began with an early morning swim but I struggled with that too, mainly through lack of sleep I imagine and utilising more energy and frustration on other things going on. I had 45 minutes so had planned to repeat the previous week’s 1520m swim (in a 20m pool hence the extra 20m!) in just under 40 minutes. As usual the first 10-20 lengths were hard going but as with my other two disciplines, it takes me a while to get my brain and body to communicate so that was nothing out of the ordinary, but it started to get harder not easier the further I swam – normal for most but this isn’t the way I work! I had begun the session breathing on both sides (a newly acquired skill) but found myself slipping back into old habits as I tired – this then started aggravating my neck that I’d had some treatment on the evening before. I still had another 20 odd lengths to go and my options were to call it a day or swim the rest of the session breathing on my weaker side. My stubborn self naturally took over however I completed what I had set out to achieve, albeit slower than intended and with needless frustration, but I did it.

Due to other commitments, that was the last training session of the working week, but the rest of the week pretty much followed the pattern of things not going to plan combined with unnecessary frustrations (felt and caused by me), including a 10 minute tester run (not really classed as a training session) that initially appears to have set me back several weeks. What is done is done this week, can’t go back but there have certainly been a few harsh lessons learned.


It would also have been my dear Grandad’s 97th birthday on Thursday – I miss him as much now as the day he died. It’s been a long 10 years with one thing and another but in many ways it only feels like yesterday that I last saw him. I wish it was only yesterday that I last saw him. He would have given me the most loving smile when he saw me and made me laugh at the way he allowed me to mock him, telling me with the biggest grin, “you can go off people you know”. Everything was always OK when I was with Grandad.


Despite my very challenging week, it did end on a high and I was even surprised at how happy I was to find myself with some time to do a bit of housework last night! Yes, that is how bad my week was and yes that is how I spent my Friday night!

Today I opted for the double turbo again and armed with my turbo in the lowest resistance I was eager to make up for the lost sessions in the week and enjoy it more than the one last week. It didn’t disappoint! I have come to learn that my body doesn’t like doing speedy stuff so when I realised we had a session of long intervals, gradually decreasing in time but increasing in effort, I was very excited – my ideal session! I was delighted that I covered just under 40km (which to resolve the debate afterwards was 24.42 miles) in 1 hour 20 minutes including the warm up, warm down and recoveries – that’s my furthest and fastest session on the bike ever! Now all I have to do is transfer this to the road…we’ll leave that for another time me thinks – best quit while I’m ahead!

Tomorrow is Eastleigh 10k which I have transferred to someone else but still intend to show my support so am planning a short cycle ride there and maybe an extended one back – lets see if I can crack this fear of roundabouts! OK, this fear of the road full stop…

But for the rest of today I will try not to get my knickers in a twist – I already walk funny because of my dodgy hip, no need to make it worse!