When The Excitement All Gets Too Much

OK, I lied. I said my next blog post would be a post race report but I am just way too excited, so in an attempt to get it out of my system enough to calm myself down a bit, this is my pre-post-race report!

The decision to write some stuff down now was initiated when I started getting my kit together – I managed all of two items before I was hysterically skipping around the flat giggling to myself at the thought of my A race of the year being just a few days away. This rendered me completely useless at being able to continue with said task. Now, for those of you not in the know about triathlon kit, there is A LOT of it so in that state, it was going to take me until Sunday to think logically enough to make sure I have everything I need – not overly helpful seeing as registration, along with racking of the bikes and much of the kit needing to be in place is on Saturday morning.

This in itself is baffling, let alone that it is a split transition so I need to have a pile for things I’ll need in T1 for the bike, one for T2 for the run, another for the swim plus the things I’ll be needing afterwards and also what I want to wear there Sunday morning, bearing in mind that half my usual kit will be in one of the aforementioned locations.

Before going any further, I am fully aware that by allowing myself to get this way about a race could potentially be setting myself up for a huge fall – what if it doesn’t go to plan and all of this build up turns into the equivalent state of disappointment? This is one of the disadvantages of only doing three individual races a year, including two big ones at that – yes the pressure I am putting on myself is huge, but what if it all goes better than I could have imagined? I was like this before Bournemouth marathon last year and I had the race of my life – this is a completely different event, requiring skills that I am nowhere as comfortable with as I am when it comes to running, so these feelings do not in any way mean that I will have the same experience on Sunday but you know what, I am willing to risk the disappointment for the chance that I just might.

So, having put this into some perspective and calmed down enough to continue with my packing I now have four bags ready to go. I have one for the swim including the compulsory wetsuit that has been checked for any nicks and holes, one with pretty much just my trainers in and a bit of food and another of what I am wearing on the day – this doesn’t need packing but I wanted to make sure I knew where it all was!

The final one has the most amount of kit in it for the bike section, not to mention the bike itself:


It doesn’t look like much but it is where I will be spending most of my race and where I can pick up the most penalties for not doing things in the right order, mainly not putting my helmet on before getting the bike off the racking. There is so much to remember which is hard enough anyway, let alone when the adrenaline is pumping and I’m all wobbly and disorientated after a 45 minute swim.

I now just have to decide what I want post race but having chatted with a good friend who is also doing the race on Sunday, I have a better idea of what to pack nearer the time.

Nothing can prepare you for what to expect in a race unless you have done that race before, and even then it can be a completely different experience second or third time round. I have had the luxury and pleasure of doing a lot of my training with one of my biggest mentors and aforementioned friend who did this race last year. He has been more than happy to share his experiences with me to help me have the best experience on Sunday that I could possibly have. I feel very safe in his knowledge and, whilst I know that anything can happen on the day, I am very confident in what I can achieve, I just need to stay focused for as long as I usually sleep to see if this can become a reality.

I am now happy to say that I am feeling nice and relaxed thanks to the power of blogging all my earlier irrational emotions so the next one I write really will be the one post race.