When A 15 Minute Swim Feels Like An Olympic Gold Medal

OK, so maybe not quite. I have done nowhere near as much hard work as an Olympic gold medalist nor have been one to be able to compare the feeling but this morning was a huge achievement for me and it felt great.

My last swim session was before Christmas and therefore hadn’t swum for over three weeks. The usual thought process began last night….I would have lost all my fitness, couldn’t possibly do a full session, what should I do instead or is there actually any point going anyway.

The alarm went off at 6am to allow time for one snooze to wake up a bit, then get up and out to battle the traffic during the 7am is the new 9am rush hour and to the gym to start swimming at 7am (ish). Six snoozes and several conversations with myself later I emerged from under the duvet and got up.

It was the time I would usually leave. The later I leave the worse the traffic is and with the motorway looking particularly bad from the bridge as I crossed over it, I did a full 360 round the roundabout and headed back the way I had come. I would be lying if I said the thought of just going back home didn’t cross my mind but I continued on my journey in a different direction.

I eventually got to the gym at 7:45am. Again, I considered not swimming in favour of just showering and heading to work but even if couldn’t do that! 

So, a 15 minute swim it was. 

Today very much turned into a huge mental victory rather than a training session. And although I only covered about 600m, my pace was exactly the same as it was before Christmas!

Lesson of the day is that I am stronger both mentally and physically than I give myself credit for and I just need to MTFU and get on with things before I give myself chance to over think everything and talk myself out of it. Or just stop thinking full stop!