What And How Often Should You Eat?

Are you like me and get confused by all the contradictory information in magazines and on the internet about what you should eat and how often?

Should you avoid wheat based products or are they ok? When is it best to eat carbohydrates, in the morning, evening, or not at all? Should you eat three main meals, have something every couple of hours or graze throughout the day?

It’s a huge business and there are so many varying ideas and articles, 1) to make money and 2) because there are so many varying individuals. The majority of the information you will find is suitable for someone, but is it right for you? That all depends on you and your lifestyle.

If like me your work doesn’t allow you to eat at regular meal times and you don’t fancy eating that much late at night nor go several hours without eating at all (anyone who knows me is fully aware of the latter consequences!) then you may prefer to eat little and often.

This doesn’t mean you can’t sit down with your spouse or family at meal times, just ensure you have an appropriate portion size.

The type of food you eat, again, is down to you…if you are allergic to something then you obviously avoid it but everything else, preferably whole and natural versions where feasible, is your choice.

Again, if like me, you like different things to your spouse or family, agree on the foods that you will sit down to eat together and make separate food choices the rest of the day.

I have spent many years experimenting with eating and cutting out different foods and my conclusion is that my lifestyle favours eating a good mixture of carbohydrates, protein and fats little and often, usually every couple of hours and can tolerate pretty much any food in moderation that is whole and natural, but the key is to enjoy preparing and eating my food! I take information and advice from different sources that suits me and my lifestyle.

I like fresh wholegrain bread but prefer to eat no more than one slice a day (or equivalent) and this is best for me mid morning and toasted. I can quite happily eat a couple of Ryvita and cheese late at night when I finish work if I’m hungry and feel much better in the morning than going to bed on an empty stomach.

I have a soft spot for crisps but choose to buy ones that taste good (usually indicated by me recognising all the ingredients!) so I only eat a few but even though I love crisps, if I have planned well and enjoyed my food throughout the day I don’t even want these!

The majority of people who don’t have other specific dietary requirements (e.g. medical reasons or high level sporting performance) should have a balanced diet and keep a steady and healthy weight by remembering that calorie intake should equal calorie expenditure.

What routines and foods work best for you?