Went For A 3 Minute Run And Cried For An Hour

Well in truth it was about 2 minutes before the tears began and 3 minutes before I admitted defeat and walked back home trying (unsuccessfully) to hold it together before I sobbed my heart out behind closed doors.

This was yesterday evening and for various reasons I couldn’t bring myself to blog/rant/talk about it beyond a couple of Facebook messages with some poor unsuspecting friends who tried their best to cheer me up. In the end I just opted for an early night and hoped it would all be better in the morning.

Unsurprisingly it wasn’t any better but thankfully wasn’t any worse.

I am still none the wiser as to what I’ve done and the Physio recommended to me to get it checked out is not available until the end of April so it’s decision time again…do I hold out and see someone highly recommended or go elsewhere and hope for the best?

In the meantime I don’t know whether to carry on with the swim and bike sessions I’ve been doing to at least keep my fitness levels high or back right off and stick to the core, strength and activation work that I have reintroduced? (Whilst kicking myself for not having kept them up last summer when doing all that mileage for the marathon).

It now looks like my first triathlon at the beginning of May is doubtful as I can’t even run 5 minutes let alone 5k! The exclamation mark just highlights how frustrating I am finding this situation…6 weeks ago I wouldn’t have got out of bed for a 5k and now I’d give anything to be able to run even half that distance.

To say I am fed up would be an understatement but if I can’t compete or even train then I’ll just have to make a nuisance of myself being the support crew and cheering everyone else on instead! I usually prefer this over racing anyway so at least I have a good excuse to not look like this for a while…


OK, so I would rather look like that than not be able to run at all, but for now I need to find a way to deal with things not quite (or even in the slightest) going to plan so far this year…ideas on how to do this are very welcome!

3 thoughts on “Went For A 3 Minute Run And Cried For An Hour”

  1. Oh Emma, I’m sorry to read this. No useful advice I’m afraid but I think we both went to the same school of stubborn arts and this would be driving me crackers.

    I really hope you get some answers and useful treatment soon. In the meantime, having your support is awesome for us!! Xxx

  2. This cheered me up no end! It does unnerve me how similar we are with things sometimes so I’m not going to even bother trying to deny the stubbornness! I do honestly love cheering more than racing most of the time (unless it’s a nice 26.2 mile plod!) so I’ll happily support you all! Got a few good leads from this post so hopefully answers are not too far away 🙂 xx

  3. Hey girl, now is not the time to even think about giving up and giving in.
    Keep up the swimming and the core training, that at least will keep you fit until you can find the cause of your problem, at least the swimming will help with a whole body workout, without the stress of pounding on the ground, because the water will take the weight of the body
    (just don’t drown though, least ways without some notice, so I can save for the flowers)

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