Week Two

I missed the Parkrun this week – we had tickets to Wimbledon on Saturday so I figured that was a fair swap!

So, my training began on Tuesday this week with a 2.5 mile hill session.  I carefully selected a route that included four hills with the only rule being that I had to “power” up every hill I arrived at…I think it’s safe to say I much prefer the speed sessions so far!

Wednesday was an hour long circuit class, done this before a few times, can’t be too hard….wrong! Never underestimate the increased intensity caused by a room full of 24 bodies in this hot weather! Fab session but completely knackered!

Tonight was a 20 length swim followed by an hours kettlebells class – wonderful way to finish off my week!

Now off for some re-fuelling and rest before I attempt tomorrow’s Parkrun 🙂

What are your favourite hill sessions?