Week Three

This week (or last week now that I’m a day late posting, oops) began again with the Parkrun…I hadn’t done it for a couple of weeks so was looking forward to seeing if my training had paid off. I was therefore disappointed when I ran 30 seconds slower than last time šŸ™

My husband decided to try to out run me in the last 50 metres but he finished firmly behind me! This is where I intend him to remain so has been my main motivation this week! Not that I’m competitive or anything….!!

After, very un-scientifically, analysing my performance, feeling tired and heavy legged fromĀ Kettlebells the evening before isn’t helping me to achieve my goal. Ā So, as much as it pained me to miss my Friday night Kettlebells, I opted for the Thursday lunchtime class instead this week, which was probably sensible anyway after a 9-hour shift on my feet all day Friday!

I also missed my Wednesday evening circuits due to a late shift, so very inconvenient! Instead I opted for a morning swim…I have always found in the past that I run better after a few weeks of swimming due to it increasing my lung capacity and I was very happy with my 40 lengths in less than half an hour šŸ™‚

And finally (although technically secondly but I seem to be writing my week backwards today…) I did my speed session on Tuesday morning. This was the same as two weeks ago (6 x 400m with 400m jog recovery) but I pushed myself with the speed part and was very pleased to complete my efforts at 12.5km/h pace.

I definitely prefer the speed to the hills and is probably more conducive to my goal to run faster so over the next few weeks I will be trying out these speed sessions.


What exercise have you done this week? Ā Are you finding the heat is affecting your training or does it not bother you?