Week One

My week began with a 27:51 Parkrun at Netley…this was only 20 seconds off my best time there so given the recent lack of training I was very happy with that!

Sunday morning was supposed to be a Kettlebells session at 11am but I had forgotten about a social lunch at church which began at 11am so what to do…a hard training session or meet some new friends for a bit of a natter over houmous and pizza?

Well I was very impressed with myseld that I did both!

Instead of Kettlebells I opted for an 8am speed session on the treadmill – 400m hard run with a 400m jog recovery. I set out to do 4 reps (with a view to build this up to 6 over the weeks) but upon completing 3 I decided 6 was possible!

My speed was 11.5km/h for the hard 400m and 7.5km/h for the jog revovery. I felt good and very much enjoyed this session and realised I need to have more confidence in my ability.

The week continued well with a circuit training class on Wednesday evening and my beloved Kettlebells Thursday lunchtime…tad hardcore doing two days in a row but I’m away from today for the weekend so my next session won’t be until next week now so plenty of time to recover!

Please share with me the speed ssessions you most enjoy!