Week Four

This week has been all mixed up with lots going on – training and not training wise but pretty much all good (apart from the nearly broken toe but thankfully it’s just nicely bruised and healing well!)

It was supposed to begin with the Parkrun, but after working until midnight the night before and my subsequent lack of sleep I woke Saturday morning feeling rather overwhelmed by the heat and the busy weekend ahead so I sent the hubby off alone and he managed to get himself a PB! So, three things came out of my decision to not run that day:

  1. Running Parkrun every week is not realistic for me with other things I want to do
  2. I have kept my 100% record against my husband!
  3. I need to up my training to keep him behind me next time!

Instead of the Parkrun I wrote last week’s blog and prepared our house for the arrival of my sisters and mayhem – the pre-weekend plan was to go for a sea swim and picnic but in usual Shergold-Sister style we were very dis-organised, couldn’t decide on somewhere suitable on the first weekend of school holidays and finally settled for a picnic at the park I was supposed to do Parkrun that morning so I did at least show my face!

Therefore, my training this week began on Tuesday morning with the pyramid speed session chosen from the list posted on the EVS Fitness blog.  The four 200m and 400m distances were at a 12.5km/h pace and the three longer ones at 12.1 km/h pace – the aim was to do them all at 12.5km/h but this will have to be a progression!  All recoveries were at 7.5km/h pace (after a short walk to take on fluids) and were for a minute between the shorter reps and 2 minutes for the longer ones.  It was hard but I felt great having done it!

The South Downs Way!
Who wouldn’t choose walking in this beautiful countryside over a hot and sweaty circuit class?!

Wednesday evening is usually a circuit class when I’m not working but as my husband and I had a rare day off together in the week we opted instead for a 12.5 mile walk from Old Winchester Hill to Butzer Hill and back in preparation for our Lake District training in a couple of weeks – walking is the ultimate aim of this challenge after all!

My usual Thursday Kettlebells class also didn’t quite go to plan as I had to cover this rather than participate – I did have to demo the exercises but I can’t really claim it as a workout!

Not being able to train on Thursday to combat the DOMS from walking, I was still feeling quite stiff on Friday and a 7am start to a long day of massage prevented an early morning lane swim.  I really wanted to do well at the Parkrun the next day so I jumped on the foam roller that evening and got an early night…as a little sneaky preview, I did run a PB but you will have to look out for next week’s blog to see if I dipped under the 27 minute milestone!

Tell me how your training is going. How do you feel when your week doesn’t work out as planned?