Week Five

Not the most flattering photo but proof that I did it!

I not only got a new PB but I dipped under that 27 minute milestone for the first time ever at Netley Parkrun! Whoop! Go me!!  It was a pacing event this week and I was very pleased that the sub-27 minute pacer was someone I knew and who knew that I’m not very good at pushing myself to the end! He picked up on this going into the final 500m and really made me dig in – it hurt but I was rewarded with a time of 26:54!

Hubby had to work Saturday morning so I was feeling quite smug at retaining my 100% record against him….short lived when he suggested going for a 6km trail run on Sunday evening…yes, OK so he beat me on that one but my legs were still sore from running a PB the day before!  The trail run was good actually, it took me out of my comfort zone as I am not very confident on uneven ground but it did make the run seem to go quicker.

This is exactly the kind of run that I need to add into my training – it was apparent from my lack of fitness at the end of the Parkrun that I need to work on my endurance so what better way to do this than choosing a lovely scenic route running by the river and through trees.  Hubby has already mapped out extensions to the route which we can build up to over the weeks.

A speed session was planned for Wednesday this week but work had been busy and challenging and I was feeling really drained.  I took a look at what I was doing over the next few weeks and realised that, with other weekend commitments coming up I wouldn’t be able to do a Parkrun until towards the end of August, but we are off to the Lake District next week for some walking training.

So, instead of the speed work, I opted for some strength training instead to prepare for and compliment the walking next week,  Exercises included upper body cable work, TRX lunges and weighted stepping – functional training that not only targeted the main muscles I would be using to trek up and down mountain ridges, but also improves my core stability, which just helps to make my life a lot easier!

With work being very demanding at the moment I only managed three sessions this week but with three very intense ridge walks planned next week in the Lake District that probably isn’t a bad thing!

What is your favourite strength session?