Third Tri Lucky (The Result)

I seem to have missed a week with my blogs. It isn’t because I haven’t done anything…I’m sure something must have happened…oh yeah, I remember…


This is without doubt one of the best things I have ever done. I can’t quite compare it with the marathon as they were so different but I definitely think marathons and triathlons are the way to go. And before you say it, yes I am well aware I can combine the two!

I had a few goals going into the May Day Triathlon. This wasn’t because I wanted to put loads of pressure on myself, in fact the complete opposite. I had absolutely no idea how this day would go so I noted a few things that I would be happy with if I didn’t achieve my number one goal.

Aside from actually making the start line given my last two failed attempts, my number one goal was of course being able to complete the 5k at the end.

As this would be my first run longer than the 2 minutes I had done in my rehab sessions, I was expecting to experience some discomfort or even pain by the time I finished yet my second goal was still to complete the 5k pain free.

I have made no secret of the fact that I have come to love my bike so it wouldn’t be right to not have a couple of ride related goals in there too. I would have loved to have done a sub-hour bike but I thought that 1:05 would be more realistic based on the rides I have done recently so that was goal number 3, helped along with goal 4 to attack the hills, both up and down!

In my wildest dreams, with the bike and run going perfectly to plan I knew I was capable of a 1:45:00 on the day but I know that anything can happen in races when it’s purely running, let alone when you add two other disciplines into the mix so whilst this was goal number 5 I wasn’t holding out much hope of getting anywhere near it!

As I haven’t spent much time on the swim in training I didn’t really have any goals here so I just viewed it as a warm up and a means to getting to the fun part – the bike!

We were in pace order on the swim but due to a last minute change about in the wave, someone quicker came in our lane and took the place of someone set to start after me. Whilst he assured me he was just treating it as a training race as he was coming back from injury as well, I knew he would be tapping me on the feet and asking me to to move aside and let him pass although I was not expecting this before I’d even finished my second lap!

However, swim done and I was happy to see the people around me that I had expected to see confirming I had done a decent enough swim. The run to transition from the pool was actually nowhere near as horrid as I thought it would be and I don’t think I actually clocked I was sopping wet until I saw the photos afterwards.


Transition was amusing…I panicked trying to remember everything I needed to do. My thought process went something like this:

“Socks, shoes (interrupted by cake), eat cake, race belt, sunglasses, helmet, bike, shit – I’ve only got one shoe on”

After successfully putting the other shoe on without falling over my bike leant against me I was away and surprisingly all this took me less than two minutes from one end of transition to the other. I did nearly mount my bike too early but thankfully the aforementioned teammate who smacked me out of his way in the pool yelled at me to get off and keep going a bit further…all is forgiven for saving me from DQ!

Now the fun bit began! I knew I would love the bike but oh my goodness I had no idea how much. After the first half a lap getting my breath back from all the adrenaline of the swim and transition I really settled into it. I played tag with a guy who I overtook on all the uphill bits but caught me back up on the downhill despite me attacking them like I’d promised myself. However about half way round the second lap I overtook him for the last time with him saying, bloody hell, well done! That absolutely made my ride and I just powered myself home and back into transition.

Clearly having too much fun!

Off the bike and remembering to remove my helmet (a reoccurring nightmare after another teammate told me that he once left T2 still wearing his) and I was running. Well, I think I was running…my legs felt as though they were still attached to my bike for the first lap of the run so I can’t be absolutely sure if what I was doing was classed as running but (and I said this very quietly to myself) I couldn’t feel any pain. I walked all the hills due to a lack of run fitness but there was no pain!

There was a rather unnecessary hill positioned about 20 metres from the finish line but I was determined to finish strong so drove myself up it and through the finish line where I just burst into tears!


I had done it! I had achieved both of my run goals! I didn’t care about the other goals anymore, I had run 5k pain free and I just couldn’t control what that meant to me! This medal is the most precious one I have ever got.


Oh, and I got 1:02 on the bike and 1:47:38 overall…not technically all 5 goals achieved but I know that sub 1:45:00 was definitely in me that day if I had been able to run all the hills and losing those 2 minutes was more than compensated by an unexpected achievement of second in my age category!

I absolutely loved every second of this triathlon and can’t wait to see what I can do next!