The First Day Back In the World of EV Sports!

EV Sports | Injury Prevention for Runners

Yesterday was my first day back massaging after over a year of not doing any hands on work at all.

I was super excited all of last week leading up to the ‘Big Day’ and then yesterday I had full on imposter syndrome kick in before my first appointment.

I messaged a good friend who understands my anxiety and let it all out:

  • Have I got enough PPE and/or do I have to use it all (visors and gloves as well as masks and aprons)
  • What if I don’t have the energy to do 3 hours of effectively physical activity
  • Will I even remember how to massage?!

Luckily Mondays are only booked from 2pm onwards, so I had time to relax a bit and get it out of my system.

And get it out I did!

By the end of the first massage I was so exhausted I could barely move – all the emotional and nervous energy had well and truly caught up with me.

Also luckily, I had messed up my booking system and, with all the additional time I’ve set as a buffer, I ended up with two hours between each appointment!

I’ve just finished the body pump class – no pain at all…I feel amazing – thank you!

If I’ve learnt anything this past year, it’s to listen to my body. So, having done all the necessary hygiene stuff after my first appointment, I had a little nap! Well, I only really laid down and closed my eyes, but I was in the bed!

I’ll be honest, I was really worried that I had overdone it and restarting massages again was a terrible mistake. However, once I’d been laying down for half an hour, I started to feel my body start to wake up a bit.

Within 45 minutes of feeling awful, I got back up, had something to eat with a cup of tea and got myself ready for the next appointment.


By the end of the last appointment, I was definitely ready for bed (a 9.30pm finish), but I was happy. I was tired and the aprons I wore were sooooo annoyingly noisy, but I got the buzz back that I get from assessing the alignments, working out what’s not moving properly, and addressing the issues.

A lot of the symptoms I am presented with are very similar, in that I mainly treat runners, and something in at least one of the legs and/or hips hurts. Occasionally I’ll see a runner with with a painful shoulder, but only if it has stopped them running! 

Each of my first two runners presented with different pain points, but when I did the assessments and alignment checks, they both had me starting with addressing the same ‘locked’ areas of the same spiral line.

Before I lose you on the technical stuff, the point was that at the end of the first massage, the pain they arrived with was no longer there, the second left being able to move their pelvis freely again, and I had regained my confidence that I did know what I was doing!

And then, the message that gives me goosebumps every time came in this morning saying they have just done an exercise class pain free and feel amazing!

Despite the initial overwhelm, I couldn’t have asked for a better first day back.

I love what I do, I absolutely do.

So, along the lines of Sir Steve Redgrave at the end of his last Olympic Games in Sydney, 2000 where he said, ‘if anyone sees me near a boat again, they have my permission to shoot me”…

If anyone hears me talk about doing something different in my career again, you have my permission to challenge me!