“I found Emma to be very professional and the massage I received superb.”

What is a Sports Massage?

A Sports Massage is a form of manual therapy to assess, treat, rehabilitate and help prevent soft tissue imbalances and injuries.

Soft tissues include:

  • Muscles
  • Tendons
  • Ligaments
  • Connective tissue (or fascia)
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These soft tissues can become tight, tense, imbalanced or dysfunctional, which then presents as complaints such as aches, pains, niggles or injuries.

In the vast majority of cases, muscular dysfunction and/or pain is due to muscular imbalance, however, people are often unaware of how the activities they do every day are the main contributors because the human body is fantastic at adapting to small injuries, which cause these imbalances.

Furthermore, whilst the complaint(s) may present in one area of the body, they can originate elsewhere, which is why it’s so important for me to look at the body as a whole unit.

This begins with an assessment of your injury or complaint, including visual alignment and posture checks, together with a range of flexibility and strength tests to give me an overall view of how your body is moving and to locate the most obvious restrictions and causes.

From here I will use relevant sports massage techniques to address the imbalances and provide you with knowledge and rehabilitation and/or preventative exercises to take away with you.

“My experience with EV Sports has been really good. The whole booking process was really easy and Emma made me feel at ease when I arrived. Emma was really helpful, she listened and gave some excellent advice, and the sports massage that she provided really helped.”
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Who can have a Sports Massage?

Sports Massage is suitable for the majority of people, regardless of whether you participate in any sport. However, prior to all sessions you will be required to complete and submit a New Client Form online so that I can ascertain any contraindications you may have and recommend an alternative approach first, where appropriate.

Completing the form online prior to your appointment also allows maximum possible time during the session to discuss your complaint and ensure you receive the right treatment plan for you.

Next steps

Book an initial consultation if you are new client, or returning after more than 6 months.

Alternatively, email emma@evsports.co.uk to discuss your Sports Massage prior to booking.