Some Walking, Running And A Honeymoon!

It has been a while since I last blogged about my training…partly because I was busy with work before going on my honeymoon and partly because I was ever so slightly pre-occupied experiencing the wonders of Peru and in particular the incredible Inca Trail!

So I will try to summarise the last couple of months!

Well there were of course the obligatory kettlebell classes…these exercises are fab for building strength, cardiovascular fitness and fat burning as well as being so much fun! A winner in my book any day!

I also started adding in some indoor cycling sessions….similar to a spin class but on my own. Because I knew I would be doing some serious inclined walking I trained in a high gear with a lower rpm. I just plugged in my ipod and the only rule I had was that I had to do a standing hill climb on all the slow beats. Every session was different with music ranging from Michael Buble right through to Guns n Roses…Family Affair by Mary J Blige was pretty intense!

On days off with my hubby we got some miles in our legs by walking a local route along the South Downs Way including a 12 miler from Old Winchester Hill to Butzer Hill and back.

We even squeezed in a trip to the beautiful Lake District to do a couple of ridge walks including a 12 mile hike over 7 peaks. My improvised foam roller using a log and foam mat came in very handy!

Oh and there was also the odd Parkrun where I even managed to get my PB down to 26:12!

So did all this set me up well enough for the Inca Trail? Physically, definitely (if you ignore the 4,200m altitude!) Emotionally, not even close! But was it all worth it?