Some Friendly Faces And A Kick Up The Butt Later…

I can’t deny that my last blog post was a bit of a cry for help. I’m not really a big fan of these sort of Facebook statuses (posting a blog on Facebook is of course completely different!) and I’m even less of a fan of asking for help and support, but I was at my wits end and I was glad I did even if it was a somewhat desperate attempt.

I had some really supportive comments from a wide range of people and some less so (MTFU being one of them, twice by two different people!) which were eventually taken on board and gave me the kick I needed to not waste a potentially good weekend of training.

I reluctantly dragged my sorry ass out of bed at 6am yesterday morning for turbo to be greeted with a less than appreciated (at the time) remark of ‘didn’t think you’d be here given how sorry for yourself you were feeling last night’ which was met with a rather unfriendly reply (that can’t be repeated on here). It was a bit of an unfair reaction from me given that it was this comment that later sunk in and gave me the kick I needed to pick myself up, but at 7 o’clock in the morning I tend to be a tad less tolerant than at other times of the day…i.e. not at all…

It did do the trick though.

A very respectable 25 miles covered in that hours turbo session, which felt a bit harder than last week after putting the turbo resistance up a notch and was reflected in my heart rate that I have now begun monitoring, but more rewarding too.

I popped down to Parkrun after to be welcomed with many friendly faces and a few hugs (which did make me cry but got the last of the sorriness out of my system). I then went on to cheer the many familiar faces on and help out with the finishing tokens…a job I’ve never done before but absolutely loved because I got to see everyone finish! Most people are happy to finish for one reason or another but the reactions to this are almost as varied as the amount of runners…many happy, a few frustrated, and a couple of near misses from speeding and exhausted finishers made it a thoroughly eventful but enjoyable experience.

I went home on a high, booked the Triathlon Club swim session for this morning (I had been delaying this just in case I was able to run) and confirmed my interest in the group ride after and was looking forward to another great tri club training morning.

It didn’t disappoint.

An hours coached swim (which is much harder than just an hours swim) and just shy of a 20 mile bike ride (including the ride to and from home) left me feeling pretty awesome if somewhat beat and useless for the rest of the day.

On reflection this week has not been bad at all training wise, it just seems that way because none of it has been running. I have swum over 160 lengths and cycled nearly 90 miles totalling 9 hours of training this week which is something to be proud of, especially as this is how many hours I was training at the height of my marathon training and I know I can do more once I’m back running again.

It’s just not running. I explained the way I felt about my training without running at the moment to some poor unsuspecting soul as sex without the orgasm…you’re not going to turn it down but it’s missing the best bit!

All in all, the past weeks training has been good and I think I thoroughly deserved this today!


As difficult as it is to think positively about running at the moment, I have to believe that once this bad patch is over, the other training I have been able to do will have maintained my fitness and improved my swim and bike no end. It sucks not being able to run right now but if I can come back stronger from this then I will reap the rewards later on.