Quick, Nutritious and Filling Breakfast Ideas

You have no doubt heard over the years that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I couldn’t agree more! Without breakfast I am incapable of doing anything productive and anyone that knows me will also say that I become very grouchy (but that also applies to not having other meals too!).

My clients are often asking what I would recommend as a good breakfast so I have listed some of my favourites.  You will notice that they have a relatively high protein and good fat content, both of which are broken down by the body much slower than carbohydrate. Simple Carbohydrate (as opposed to the healthier complex sort) is what you predominately find in breakfast cereals which is why they often lead to blood sugar lows and subsequent snacking.

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How To Make Porridge Interesting by Emma Downey, EVS Fitness - Personal Trainer Southampton

Porridge has to be my number one breakfast – yes you could argue that it is technically a cereal but I choose a smaller portion and add extra ingredients for more nutritional value.  This keeps me full for hours!

Perfectly Runny Poached Eggs by Emma Downey, EVS Fitness - Personal Trainer Southampton

Poached Eggs are my favourite way of cooking eggs and full of goodness and nutrition too. I have two eggs and one slice of toast and, to be honest, usually have this for lunch, but is also a great breakfast.

Delicious Scrambled Eggs With Kippers by Emma Downey, EVS Fitness - Personal Trainer Southampton

Scrambled Eggs are also a great breakfast or lunch choice – this particular recipe is fantastic as it not only has a good amount of protein but it also has a great source of Omega 3.

Two Egg Omlette With Soinach by Emma Downey, EVS Fitness - Personal Trainer Southampton

Omlette is another great egg based breakfast and, again, can be a good lunch or even a dinner if you adpat the quantities. You can put literally anything in an omlette – just lightly fry the ingredients first and then pour over the beaten egg(s).

Pumpkin Seed Muesli With Natural Yoghurt by Emma Downey, EVS Fitness - Personal Trainer Southampton

Muesli isn’t something I eat that often but occasionally I feel like a bowl.  I prefer to make my own with fresh fruit but also have a bag of quality muesli in the cupboard for when I have less time however, like the porridge, I have a smaller portion and add more nuts and seeds.

Whilst I generally like to have a filling breakfast, I appreciate that some people just don’t have much appetite in the morning so smaller breakfast ideas include fruit with natural yoghurt and smoothies.

Morning Wake Up Smoothie by Emma Downey, EVS Fitness - Personal Trainer SouthamptonSmoothies are a great breakfast idea and can be made really quickly (or even the night before) and eaten ‘on the move’ if you are really short of time. They can also be a great mid-morning snack. This one has a caffeine kick to it but you can replace the coffee with fresh fruit.


Other breakfasts I enjoy:

  • Bacon Sandwich with four rashers and wholegrain bread (This is usually reserved for a pre-walking breakfast as it keeps me going right up until lunch!)
  • Fry Up with high percentage meat sausages & bacon with egg and mushroom (A real treat for birthdays or post race)