Making Every Second Count

For the first time in a long time (maybe ever) I am content with letting things happen in their own good time. Don’t get me wrong, on a daily basis I think about hurrying things up by saying or doing things that deep down I know is not quite right for me at the moment but the difference is I can now process these thoughts better and make myself take a step back before taking action. 

I don’t always get it right but when I do it feels great and when I don’t I am able to work through it and learn from it better rather than let it beat me.

I am relieved to say that my training has been going very well recently and I am gradually increasing the intensity by adding in extra sessions or extending the existing ones. I am in a good place with this at the moment and therefore the temptation to increase my sessions too quickly or too soon is very strong at times but I think I am being sensible with it and trying to only make small changes each week.

With every session the things I focus on are form and purpose. I believe this is vital to help avoid (or at least limit) injuries so whilst I work hard, I do so to the point that I feel my fitness is no longer supporting my technique. This is pretty impossible to do accurately unless you have a one on one coach so it is important that I listen to my body and get to know its limits to give me the best chance of getting it sort of right.

To get me through the hard sessions (and the ones I just don’t want to do), I am using some words from a very inspirational woman. A lady who had such an impact on my early running days, an influence that I only realised recently at her funeral when it was too late to thank her personally. Her son bravely spoke about his mum and how she supported him and his sister with their respective sports….he said many things that day but the one thing that sticks in my mind is how she used to tell them that ‘every second counts’. 

She was the team manager for the women’s league I was in during my track days. So many of the words I heard about her that day rang true with how she would encourage me, and no doubt others, to do the best we could do, to work together as a team and above all enjoy what we did. 

I can’t say that the hill session I did tonight was enjoyable but listening to the words ‘every second counts’ going over and over in my head towards the end when I thought about slowing down or cutting the last rep short made me complete it properly. Thank you Kate.

As for that next race I said I’d update about when it had been entered….well it appears that the boyfriend and I will be running Hayling Island 10 mile on our one year anniversary in November….how romantic!

Oh and I did a cheeky little triathlon last weekend and didn’t bottle it on the bike! Yay me!