How Sports Massage Improves Mental Health

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Regular sports massage helps to reduce muscular tension and improve sleep, which is fundamental for good mental health and wellbeing.

Stress and fatigue are two big contributors to poor mental health, which commonly presents as anxiety, depression and low mood.

When you are tired, feeling anxious and in a constant low mood, you don’t feel like doing anything, least of all see other people.

Over time, this distance from other people often means you stop being invited to social events, people stop texting to check in on you and you feel incredibly isolated and lonely.

Studies have shown that relieving muscular stress and tension through massage has a positive effect on mental health by improving sleep, mood and anxiety.

Improved mental health provides you with the energy and desire to meet up with people again, go for a walk and generally feel like you have purpose to your day.

I’ve had clients report an improvement in their sleep after just one session of sports massage, which makes such a difference to their overall wellbeing.

So, imagine what regular sports massage could do!

“Not only does Emma know exactly what my body needs to keep me going but the mind as well. Emma’s advice is invaluable.”

I have experienced poor mental health over the years, which negatively affected my life for decades, so I empathise well with clients in similar situations.

I am not qualified to ‘fix’ your mental health problems, but sometimes it’s enough to know that someone just ‘gets’ how you’re feeling, and all conversations had during my sessions are completely confidential.

Although I advocate that good mental (and physical) health is important every day, please be extra kind and supportive to yourself and others during mental health awareness week.

Next steps

If you are experiencing any pain, especially if this is affecting your quality of sleep and day-to-day activities, the advice is to get it checked out by a sports therapy professional who has a good understanding of musculoskeletal injuries and postural alignment.

If you are local to Fareham, Hampshire then you can book a Sports Massage with me where I can assess what is going on and provide an appropriate treatment and rehabilitation plan to get you feeling good and pain free again.