Having A Baby Is Worth All The Associated Discomfort, Right?

Absolutely nothing replaces that moment you find out you are pregnant and nothing can prepare you for the overwhelming emotion you feel when you hold your baby for the first time, but have you stopped to think what is happening to your body?  Maybe you’re trying not to think about it!  But the fact remains that having a baby alters the position of every soft tissue in your body for several months during pregnancy and for many months after, not to mention that (relatively) little bit in the middle called the birth!

During your pregnancy, your centre of gravity changes, you alter the way you walk and change the position of your pelvis which makes your whole body, such as your lower back and leg muscles, work extra hard to compensate for this – I am sure lower back, sciatic and knee pain all sound familiar to you, to name just a few!

As a new mum you’re exhausted, you’re feeding every few hours (or less), your arms ache, your shoulders feel so sore and your head feels like a 2-tonne weight.  And what’s happening to your posture? Your centre of gravity has changed again, you can be sat feeding for up to 12 hours a day in the beginning, in fact pretty much everything you do is in a seated or leaning forward position – feeding, changing nappies, even pushing the pram (you check next time you’re out – you are not walking as upright as you used to!).

But you’re not thinking about you, your new baby is your focus, and that’s the way it should be.  However, many new mums forget or don’t think it matters about the physiological effects that having a baby has on their bodies – it’s huge! There are over stretched muscles, completely torn fibres and seriously locked up areas which the body can repair but in a way that leaves you with a lot of scar tissue and adhesions which, if not treated can lead to an imbalanced posture and all sorts of longer term complaints.

So, having a baby is worth all the associated discomfort, right?  Of course!  Absolutely without a doubt it is worth it!

But what if you could have your baby and not experience so much discomfort, how would that make you feel?

Addressing soft tissue dysfunctions as early after birth as possible makes it so much easier to realign and strengthen muscle fibres and return them to full function – this is important for all pregnancies and births but even more so after a cesarean section due to the increased trauma.

During my sessions, I use various techniques and positions to relieve the areas of tension, which involves me applying my knowledge and understanding of how the body works to assess the way your body has adapted both during and after pregnancy. It is not a case of massaging your back because it is sore, it is a thorough assessment of what muscles and lines of the body are detrimentally gripping and not allowing that fluid movement throughout the whole system.  

Much of what I do will bring you a new awareness of how your body works and will allow you to understand ways in which you can achieve similar results long after your session.