Early Night, Inspiration and Funeral Songs

For those of you who have followed this blog in the past, Hi! It’s been a while!

For those of you who haven’t seen this before (particularly my new found running friends) and are wondering why it’s called My 5km Challenge…no it’s not a typo and supposed to be My 50km Challenge…it was set up to spur me on to run a sub-25 minute 5km time at Netley which, unless you have been living under a rock the past 7 months, you will know I achieved last summer.

It wouldn't be right without proof (although the official time was 24:55!)

I did think about starting a new blog seeing as getting a 5km PB is no longer my challenge but 1) that would be lie (albeit not my number one goal at the moment) and 2) I wanted to be reminded of just how far I have come in the last few months.

So, back to the point and title of this blog…

It was (kindly) pointed out to me today (technically yesterday now) that going to bed at 11pm is not an early night, which is true, and that I should get off Facebook and get more sleep, also true.

So I did.

I logged out of Facebook and muted all notifications on Messenger for 24 hours (apparently they think you are unable to cope for longer and there is therefore not an option to log out or mute indefinitely), had my dinner early, even did a bit of sewing (I know!) and was in bed asleep at 10pm.

And now wide awake at 1am…that worked well!

So I thought rather than posting such uninteresting nonesense on Facebook, which I am still logged out of (bar a sneaky peak when I woke up to check the world hadn’t ended), I would take a leaf out of another fellow runner’s book and start blogging again.

(Do check out her blog, they are written by a very real and truly inspiring person and often have me crying with laughter at the way she writes)

So that just leaves me with what finally made me put pen to paper/thumb to phone, tonight/this morning, whatever!

Funeral Songs.

Yes one of those awful, yet annoyingly irresistible, Facebook quizzes that I clicked on whilst seeing who was putting the world to rights. I got as far as question one asking me where I’d rather be:


And with no option for “fast asleep in my own bed” and not even Disneyland with the potential of seeing my best friend Dopey inspiring me, I decided to hook out my old blog.

So after lots of swearing and cursing at having forgotten how to get into the app, I made it, feel a lot better and, most importantly, sleepy! OK, Dopey (childish but someone else would only say it!)


The next blogs will be more about running and my challenges with winter training and getting my head around my first (and at this rate my last) solo ultra race in July.