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Emma Shergold, EV Sports – Specialist Sports Massage Therapist

Emma Shergold - EV Sports

Hi, I’m Emma Shergold and I am a specialist Sports Massage Therapist and Run Coach based in Whiteley, Fareham.

I have always been fascinated by the way the body works, in particular how we move and adapt to different loads and stresses.

This led me initially to establish EV Sports in 2007 after graduating from the London School of Sports Massage (LSSM).

I later achieved an Advanced Personal Trainer Diploma, which I mainly use to complement my massage therapy, along with the odd Strength & Conditioning session when needed.

I combine this professional knowledge and over 15 years’ of experience to assess, treat, rehabilitate and help prevent musculoskeletal injuries, addressing the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.

Over the years, I have evolved EV Sports with continued personal and professional developments and research, which enables me to empathise with and understand people’s needs so that I can provide individual support and advice to each of my clients.

“Emma’s advice is invaluable”

Personal Life

Although running is a big part of my work, it is also something that I have loved doing since I was 11 years old. Even as a toddler, I would stand and watch people running round our local track before being taken to the nearby park!

As a teenager, I trained three times a week on the track and, from about 16 years old, also added a weights session to my training. Most weekends would be spent racing at one event or another and I loved every minute of it.

In the beginning I started doing 100m and 200m, quickly followed by 75m and 80m hurdles as I progressed through the age groups. In the U17 age category, I had the opportunity to do 300m and 300m hurdles and it became apparent that I was more successful over the slightly longer distances.

Once I moved up to senior level, I was asked to do a 400m hurdles for a point at one of the league races. I (literally) jumped at the chance and never looked back!

Over the next few years, this became my event until I stopped doing athletics training in my early twenties.

This photo was taken at one of my last 4x100m relay events, which the observant amongst you will realise this is also the image used to make my logo!

During my 20s and early 30s, I dabbled in some local 5k and 10k races, including race for life and parkrun, and even attempted the Great South Run in 2011 for charity. I raised quite a bit of money over the years, but I really didn’t enjoy the GSR!

After that I just ran because I enjoyed it and then, in a drunken moment, I entered Bournemouth Marathon in October 2014!

Emma Shergold | EV Sports | Bournemouth Marathon

Shortly after I entered, I joined Hedge End Running Club, where I discovered about 20 other people were also doing the same event, so I had a wonderful summer of training.

Come race day, I was more than ready to tackle the 26.2 miles and it could not have gone any better. Even now, I get goose bumps thinking of that special day. If you want to get an almost step by step account, you can read the full race report.

Unfortunately, this is where my running achievements stop. Although my training for the marathon was spot on, I made a huge mistake with my recovery, and ended up injured shortly afterwards.

I had a short spell of good running following my rehab, but this was then followed by many years of poor mental and physical health when my running had to take a back burner.

However, in early 2022, my health started to improve and I have been going from strength to strength with EV Sports and my running. You can follow my running progress on EV Sports’ social media or Strava!

Next steps

Book an initial consultation if you are new client, or returning after more than 6 months.

Alternatively, email emma@evsports.co.uk to discuss your Sports Massage or Planning & Mentoring session prior to booking.