A Run Full Of Surprises!

I’ve not posted from here in a while, mainly because the blog is about running and I’ve not been running since just after our honeymoon, which I’ve just realised is nearly a month ago, oops!

I have been training, don’t get me wrong, it’s just the training I want to do (i.e. Bike Intervals, Kettlebells and Circuits) has won over what I should be doing to reach my 5km in 25 minutes goal (i.e. Run!)

However, today, whilst visiting family I didn’t have access to a gym to do my more recent training sessions (well that’s not entirely true…I do have access to a gym but I’m not willing to pay £50 for an induction to somewhere I would use only a couple of times a year) so I went for a run!

That was surprise number one…I actually went for a run, outside, on my own, instead of convincing myself that doing something else would be better.

Surprise number two was that I really enjoyed it! I ran a whole 4.2 miles without stopping and even had enough puff to finish strong which set me up with a positive start to the day 🙂

Other surprises included running up a hill with relative ease that I had previously found quite hard which was a great indication that the more strength and interval based training I’m doing is working 🙂

And finally, the biggest surprise of all was that it started raining half way round and I didn’t melt or get washed away! Anyone that knows me knows that I am a fair weather runner so maybe this is the beginning of me training outside during the winter and not being such a wimp…time will tell!