A Day Of Mixed Emotions

I left my last blog hoping that this one would be a review of Southampton 10k. My ‘race’ plan was to treat it like a long run and not race it, which based on my build up should have been around 61-62 minutes but I secretly wanted sub-hour (although still not racing!).

The day began well…I got the right train and arrived in the right place at the right time. It was good to be part of the pre-race gathering banter and actually be in running kit. This was in fact the second time this had happened this week, with the first on Wednesday at the first RR10 race of the season. That gave me a lot of confidence and I really enjoyed it so I was definitely looking forward to the Southampton 10k.

Timings were perfect as I got to see both the full and half marathons head off ahead of us. The baggage area was close to the start so it was all nice and relaxed getting myself and my things where they needed to be in plenty of time. 

Given my current track record over the last year of not making the start line, whatever happened next was one step further than I’d got for a while. Several thousand steps in fact.


My A goal time was sub-hour, B goal of 10mm pace (62 minutes) and C was to finish but my first priority was to finish with no issues (physically at least!). My official time was 1:00:48, felt comfortable and was particularly pleased that I finished strong knowing my A time was in there somewhere!

I didn’t really have much time to reflect before heading back to the finish to cheer in the last of the half and full marathon runners. It was really something special to be able to run and support others at the same event. I had a great day but it did start to dawn on me how much I missed running the longer distances and I started to feel quite deflated wishing I hadn’t ‘only’ run 10k. 

A pep talk from a good friend basically told me to stop feeling sorry for myself and be proud of how hard I have worked to get where I am. He is right despite how hard it is to accept sometimes but I guess that is what makes me want to do better.

Next ‘race’ is a recovery 5k run series on Wednesday followed by my first re-attempt at some intervals on Thursday to try and introduce some pace into my sessions.

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  1. Ahh awesome work! Well done 🙂
    But don’t be hard on yourself, long raced will come. Don’t rush things – you’re back running strong again!

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