Too Much Excitement For One Blog!

This week began with the pleasant surprise of feeling fully recovered on Monday from that pretty tough 16 miler Sunday…OK 16 miles is no mean feat but when you’re planning on doing a 12 hour solo race you don’t really want 16 miles feeling that hard so it was reassuring that I was at least recovering well. And by well I mean nothing ached, I could walk up and down stairs with relative ease…admittedly there were a few groans towards the end of the day but a sports massage sorted that out and I was feeling fresh for the club interval session on Tuesday, which I completed feeling pretty good.

I have, however, discovered the beginning of my first black toenail…you’ll be pleased to know I’m sparing you the photo but I dread to think what state my feet will be in by July! Another reason why I have promised my legs some speed and triathlons next year!

And speaking of which, I am now officially entered into my first sprint distance triathlon in May. With a couple of good weeks run training now under my belt my main focus for the year remains intact with the triathlon being viewed as a bit of fun after a marathon two weeks beforehand to break up the monotony of ‘just’ running but I am still really excited about it!

However, with my first triathlon on the horizon I am annoyingly having to miss the tri club swim session because of my run commitments, which as usual I have beat myself up about. I love the swim sessions, in fact I love all the triathlon club training sessions (although the bike out of the turbo still scares the life out of me).

Thankfully, though, I have an epic 5 hour session to look forward to with the reacquainted Team Emlin…this is the first training session I’ve been properly excited about since our 20 miler just before Bournemouth!

And I get to wear my new hydration backpack!

It finally struck me today that Sunday will be the longest training session or event I have ever done and I can’t wait! I am beginning to really feel the love for this running malarkey again which is not only a relief but also pretty good timing too!